Mindfulness Online offers the first and only online course with objective evidence of stress reduction.

In addition, graduates of our brief 5-hour program have now been shown to benefit in other areas as well:

No other online course or app has our level of strong evidence. This course was researched in three separate studies using the most rigorous scientific design. The research shows clinically meaningful outcomes for stress, positive emotions, and loneliness (if present).

Those studied in clinical trial had:

  • Lower blood pressure and cortisol levels after a stressful event than control groups. A reduction of the unhealthy physiological reactions to stress.
  • Increased happiness, positive emotions, and well-being in daily life.
  • Reduced feelings of loneliness, and increased social contacts.

Evidence Based Mindfulness App for Individuals

Due to overwhelming interest from a New York Times article about our course, we are now offering the EBM program to individual users, in addition to institutions. The individual plan price is $95 for the program comprising the clinically validated course and one year of ongoing daily practice support via our app.

Evidence Based Mindfulness App for Institutions

Institutions and Organizations can benefit now from the scientific rigor applied to developing and validating a mindfulness meditation course for stress, wellbeing, and loneliness, by offering your organization’s members access to the EBM course. Get started now:

EBM App Clinical Evidence

CMU Study: “Mindfulness Meditation App Works – 14-day smartphone-based mindfulness training program lowers stress” – CMU Press Release

From the official peer-reviewed scientific journal of the International Society of  Psychoneuroendocrinology87 (2018) 63–73:

This study provides the first experimental evidence that brief smartphone mindfulness training can impact stress biology…

Graduates of the evidence based mindfulness program for stress reduction, EBM for Stress Relief,  had 20% lower blood pressure and 50% lower cortisol levels than control groups in stressful situations when they used the Event section of the app.

New Research Published February, 2019:
EBM for Stress App also Reduces Loneliness, Increases Social Contact

Publication “Mindfulness training reduces loneliness and increases social contact in a randomized controlled trial”. Our 14 lesson training was shown to reduce daily-life loneliness by 22% and increase social contact by two more interactions each day than the “sham-placebo” and “concentration meditation only” interventions in those studied.


Additional new research keeps coming in demonstrating the power of our original EBM for Stress program to aid in other areas as well:

A head-to-head study comparing our program with MBSR (the standard in stress reduction training), provides evidence that our EBM training course significantly boosts positive emotions and happiness in daily life, as well as the much longer and expensive group-based, instructor led, live training. The study used an active sham control and was published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

The EBM app in the News

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How does it work?

Many other apps hope to teach stress reduction in 5 minutes using simplistic guidance and “calming music”. Our evidence-based mindfulness app, EBM app for Stress Relief, offers a science-based form of mindfulness meditation training delivered in a brief (but not ineffectively too brief) course of 14 lessons that develop skills in stress resilience. Users commit to the training to graduate and unlock the Event Preparation booster guidance and to reap the evidence-based positive outcomes of this intervention. Our evidence-based mindfulness app for stress management features an easy-to-use, minimalistic design that effectively delivers the only stress resilience training shown to work in a randomized, double-blinded controlled study using objective measures of stress biology.

Now our original online course, EBM app for Stress Relief, has been found to also impact positive emotions and loneliness issues (if present), in those studied in clinical trial.


  • Individual access: now available!
  • Available to organizations & institutions:
    Employers, Physician Practices, Hospitals, Universities, etc.
  • Works on Android, iPhone, Computers/Laptops
  • No need to go through an app store

How can I get it?

Ask your employer, doctor, college, organization, etc. to subscribe to our service to make this app available to you at no cost or reduced cost. Now individuals can purchase the course as well.


Other apps that offer mindfulness meditation make promises, yet lack strong and objective scientific evidence to backup claims of stress reduction or other benefits.

We went head-to-head with the standard live group-based MBSR training and produced similar outcomes with much less time! No other app or online course was confident enough to go head-to-head with MBSR training.

Other apps may look entertaining and may work, but if you want to base your decision making on clinical data, then talk to us.


Standard Mindfulness Intervention for Research

We support further research using our validated core 14 lesson program. We have special servers set up for research studies and will work with researchers to customize the course/app to meet their protocols. We believe that our program can become the standard mindfulness meditation training intervention in all studies wishing to research the effects of mindfulness. Our relatively brief, fixed, efficacy validated intervention is the best way to ensure that subjects are receiving true effective mindfulness skills, consistent with other studies.

New Mindfulness Modules for Research

 We also we have a version, at this time only available to researchers, that adds modules for Pain Management, Negative Urges, and Emotional Challenges. This additional content is based on the learning that graduates would receive in the same course of 14 lessons, and designed by the same domain expert in mindfulness that designed the EBM app for Stress Relief.  Once there is evidence of efficacy in those areas as well, we’ll make future evidence-based apps available for general use through institutions: EBM app for Pain Relief, EBM app for Addictive Urges, etc.