User Reviews on Lifestyle and Behavior Change

User reviews of the Learn & Event sections of our EBM for Stress Relief app pertaining to lifestyle and behavior changes:

Have reduced smoking and my concentration power has increased.

I stopped drinking as much alcohol as before. More accepting to things/people around me.

Taking more timeouts in the day!

It has made it easier for me to detect when I am stressful, and the background focus/hits help me to apply in daily life.

Trying to relax more and think before I speak. I’m handling stressful situations much better.

I think the biggest take away from this program is the “stretch up and settle in” technique. I feel like I can do it anywhere and immediately feel calmer.

This program made me appreciate my thoughts and my body. I feel more relaxed and enthusiastic to think and do.

I have started getting up in the mornings and practicing it. Also, reduced smoking a bit.

I have been using the stretch up and settling in exercise quite often. It helps me relax and focus on important things in life.

I started meditating in morning.

Yes, I do better with focusing my attention and being more mindful of my body’s reaction to daily stressors. I set aside time to actually focus on tuning outside noise etc. out and actually just sitting quietly, closing my eyes and focusing.

More body awareness, using more “background focus.”

Simple techniques that built up and were pragmatic.

I liked the fact that some of the techniques did help me with some of my stress and that the instructor of the lessons seemed to be genuine.