Overview of the EBM online course

Convenient Access

  • Easy access from phone, tablet, desktop, or laptop.
  • Online, cloud-based, no downloads or installs needed.

EBM App Demo Video – first ten minutes of Lesson 1

EBM for Stress Demo Images

Please note: images below are for our original Stress Relief program.  Our next update will also reference: positive emotions, happiness, wellbeing, and loneliness reduction, for those studied in clinical trial. Same exact validated course: now with greater scope of demonstrated benefits.

The user needs to complete the learning course to unlock areas.

Locked Sections

Lessons: first time user

EBM lesson 1

All lessons completed. Can retake anytime.

Now a graduate: all additional sections are unlocked

EBM for Stress unlocked

Graduate can now prepare for a stressful event with our booster session

Stress Relief

Graduate can also choose to use Ongoing Daily Life Practice

Ongoing Daily Life – Menu

Guided sessions include a duration timer and 2 minute windup option

Users may access a short reading on stress resilience skills

Optional Comprehension Quiz: Stress Resilience Skills

EBM Stress Quiz Answer

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