Demo of smartphone screenshots: EBM for Stress Relief, mindfulness app for stress resilience training

Overview of the EBM for Stress Relief app – Stress Resilience Training below.

Anonymity – Confidentiality – Privacy

Users only need to obtain the unpublished URL link and access codes from your organization.  They would just follow the link, enter the access codes and they are in! 

Simple Anonymous Access.
No email identification needed.
No user specific username/password needed.
Username/password is the same for the organization.
App stores are not involved: no identification.
App remembers where user left off using anonymous local storage.

Convenient Access:

Easy access from phone, tablet, desktop, or laptop.
Online, cloud-based, no downloads or installs needed. 

Find out how your organization can offer the EBM for Stress Relief  program.

The user needs to complete the learning course to unlock areas.

Locked Sections

Lessons: first time user

Listening to Lesson 1

EBM lesson 1

All lessons completed. Can retake anytime.

 Now a graduate: all additional sections are unlocked

EBM for Stress unlocked

Graduate can now prepare for a stressful event with our booster session

Stress Relief

Graduate can also choose to use Ongoing Daily Life Practice

Ongoing Daily Life – Menu

Guided sessions include a duration timer and 2 minute windup option

Users may access a short reading on stress resilience skills

Optional Comprehension Quiz: Stress Resilience Skills

EBM Stress Quiz Answer

Contact us to find out how to sign your organization up, or to schedule a live demo, of our EBM for Stress Relief smartphone app.