Outcomes of Stress Reduction Intervention from EBM app

A peer-reviewed, randomized, single-blind study showed significant and meaningful outcomes for biological stress response markers. Graduates of the evidence based mindfulness program for stress reduction, EBM for Stress Relief,  had 20% lower blood pressure and 50% lower cortisol levels than control groups in stressful situations when they used the Event section of the app.

When interviewed, Emily K. Lindsay, the lead researcher of the study said:

Not only were we able to show that acceptance is a critical part of mindfulness training, but we’ve demonstrated for the first time that a short, systematic smartphone mindfulness program helps to reduce the impact of stress on the body

In their own words, here is how EBM for Stress Relief app users describe the outcomes of the program as experienced by them.

It made me realize what I need to do when I am stressed or frustrated. Now, I can practice what the program taught me to relax.

Has made me much more calm and focused.
Relieved some stress from my life and gave me a method of acting for any future stress.

More accepting of things/people around me. Less stresses/better coping skills. Able to let past events go faster – instead of thinking about them all of the time

I appreciate the relationships I have with others. I appreciate that I want to know what I’m thinking/feeling at all times.

This training program has made me realize my strengths (I’m attentive to my body. Thoughts) but it has also made me realize I can put more effort into concentrating on a task

It has had a long lasting positive effect on my mind and body

I have been more aware of what goes on in my mind and in my body. It has helped me reduce stress to some extent but I believe practicing the techniques regularly will help me reduce stress further more.

Has helped me accept myself and made me more conscious of my body and surroundings.

By providing me with techniques and understanding of reducing or possible eliminating stress on a daily basis.

I think I don’t judge things much now. I try to accept the things as they are. I focus on my mind and body movements.

It has made me more accepting – I have noticed myself accepting situations I cannot control. I have mastered settling in. I just need to go it more often.

It has made me more calm and more importantly cope with any kind of body pain without the need of medicine.

I am more aware of sensations in my body, and really aware of the judging aspect. I never thought of judging my feelings, myself, or others in that context before. I do – reach up and settle in for a moment or so during my day.

Its helped me to relax when stressful things are going on, be more in tune with what I’m actually feeling and accept crappy situations even if they’re uncomfortable.

It made me realized how the negative energy of being judgmental (of myself or others) is detrimental to my well-being.

1) It has reduced my stress levels( at least immediately after each lesson) 2) I achieved a greater degree of sensory clarity. 3) It helped me to concentrate my thoughts more effectively.

Made me aware of how nice it is to “settle in.”
It has definitely helped me to be more self-aware, & to cope with my emotions better.

I think it has been a positive influence in my daily life, which can in turn contribute to a better quality of life. Overall, I enjoyed the program and feel it has a lot to offer.

More aware of different strategies to reduce stress.

Greater awareness of my body. Not sure if it changes stress, but it improved my mood. Feels like a good way of handling ups and downs of daily life without getting swept away in the feelings.