EBM for Researchers – Get More Information

Contact us to discuss how to use our 5-hour course as a standard mindfulness intervention for your research. Or find out about validating our domain specific deep-dive modules for Pain Relief and Addictive Urges.

Send me the full research papers on the EBM app published by peer-reviewed journals:

Core Training: Standard Mindfulness Intervention for Research

We support further research using our validated core 14 lesson program. We have special servers set up for research studies and will work with researchers to customize the course/app to meet their protocols. We believe that our program can become the standard mindfulness meditation training intervention in all studies wishing to research the effects of mindfulness. Our relatively brief, fixed, efficacy validated intervention is the best way to ensure that subjects are receiving true effective mindfulness skills, consistent with other studies.

Additional Mindfulness Modules for Research Purposes

We also we have a version, at this time only available to researchers, that adds modules for Pain Management, Negative Urges, and Emotional Challenges. This additional content is based on the learning that graduates would receive in the same course of 14 lessons, and designed by the same domain expert in mindfulness that designed the EBM app for Stress Relief. Once there is evidence of efficacy in those areas as well, we’ll make future evidence-based apps available for general use through institutions: EBM app for Pain Relief, EBM app for Addictive Urges, etc.