User Acceptance Reviews of EBM for Stress Reduction

When you are evaluating an online program for your organization, an important concern needs to be user acceptance. Do people like the offering, is it easy and pleasant to use?

We are happy to report, that the users of our evidence based mindfulness for stress reduction app have given the service excellent reviews in the domain of user acceptance and program usability. Below is feedback from users of the core Learn & Event sections of our EMB for Stress Relief app:

The program was easy to access. I think the mobile platform was a smart choice and designed beautifully.

The program was well structured. All guidance and instructions were clearly given.

The way it was done step by step learning new techniques everyday as you go.

That it was accessible 24/7 on demand and sessions weren’t particular long. It also seemed applicable in real life.

The training program helped me to calm my body and mind in stressful situations. In addition I liked the following 1) The tone of the instructor and the pace. 2) Lessons organized very well.

I liked the instructors relaxed and calm voice. I liked the fact that it took a few minutes in my day to relax and touch base with my body and emotions.

I liked the clear instructions given, and the examples explained that showed me how to apply it in my daily life. It was definitely easier easing into the program & the instructor was very encouraging & motivating.

The training program was engaging and I looked forward to daily participations. I had several stressful events over the summer and the program was beneficial in teaching skills to deal with the stressors and continue using what I have learned.